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Hello there welcome to Food Photography. This is a blog comprises of the following:

1. Tips and tricks of Food Phography processing.
2. Mobile Food Photography
3. Online tools for Food Photography
4. Props and angles
5. Background for Food Photography and more.....

Why this blog when I already have a food blog?

Your right I blog regularly at Cooking N Baking but then this blog is separate because Food Photography is a vast topic and entirely different from anything else. After taking blogging seriously and began getting rewards I yearn to do more and achieve professionalism. The hunt for every food blogger would be food photography at one point of time. Even an expert would keep learning. I usually sit amazed watching Rekha Kakkar's Food Photography, I simply love this click of hers.

Unfortunately, not everything is available on internet. Not all tips and tricks are shared by experts. So I keep hunting, experimenting and learning. I want to share what I know, and I want to learn more by sharing. I have tried contacting blogger to do a photography tutorial or camera related queries but many are still unanswered. Hence this blog.

Do join the fun. Have a query? Shoot a mail to tinkushaji@gmail.com

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