From here to here #11

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Hi all! Its been a real long time since I updated this blog. You know I love re working my food blog recipes. That is why the from here to here series started. This one is the 11th post in the series.

If you were a regular follower of my food blog, you would know I love trying special dishes on Sunday. This kerala style fish curry is almost a forgotten recipe. Last week I made this and how can I not shoot in with my DSLR.

This recipe is my mom's signature dish, kids would love them too. It is not hot but rice and creamy gravy. Tastes yum with rice, dosa and idly.

I posted this recipe on my food website on 08-July-2013 (OMG! thats almost 3 years back) now I am reshooting it and presenting to you.

This below pic was taken with flash on my samsung galaxy ace.

To re shoot, I just used a wood board and my stole. At day light, I put shoot mode to manual and kept adjusting the white balance and ISO to get the perfect lighted pic.

I have taken many shots... Pl visit the recipe page for detailed recipe and more shots of fish curry..

Oh! and here is the shot

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