How to Clean Button Mushroom?!

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How to clean button mushroom
How to clean button mushroom?
Mushroom is very healthy and nutritious. Kids love mushroom. Cleaning of mushroom is a sensitive area as improper cleaning may cause food poisoning. Always buy mushroom from reliable market as there are poisonous or non edible ones too.

Mushroom should be firm and white, if its soggy or watery, better not to buy them. Storage of mushroom can be on the vegetable rack of bottom shelf of refrigerator door. Storing them in chiller or freezer will spoil their structure when thawed. Also storing in chiller will cause freezing injury.

Check mushroom for freshness visibliy and check the date of manufacture.
Open the pack and empty mushroom into a wide bowl with water.
Rub each mushroom with hands dipping in water to remove the black particles stuck on them.
Remove mushroom from water.
Add them back to fresh water and repeat the rubbing procedure.
Drain the water.
The drained water will be visibily clear.
Chop off any black spots on mushroom.
Slice them or chop them to use it for recipe.

Cleaned button mushroom:

Some Mushroom Recipes:

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