Why Background and Props matter?

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When it comes to cooking (especially for a blog) we take so much efforts in clicking step by step pictures(that too with a super active toddler like I have). The full effort goes as a waste if the final food photography fails.

Like how? Look at the below pictures. The left side is Garlic Rice taken in my kitchen on my kitchen slab during night with my kitchen light. How bad it looks despite all the effort I put in cooking it.


I followed the golden rules of styling I learnt from internet:

1. I used a contrast dish color to the background.
2. I did use (the so called) props.
3.I never used flash

But then the lighting played the role and reflected badly in the final picture. I shall work on the same recipe super soon and let you know how it came up.

The food color (in my case yellow for garlic rice needed a white bowl. I tried placing it in colored bowls which made it look even worse.


The mushroom biriyani was taken at day light in my photo box (whats that?) (Coming up) :) with the same mode and post processing as mentioned in my first post. You can also play with angles to go to a closer shot to make the viewer drool over your beautiful food. Check these angles of Mushroom Biriyani.

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