The Photo Box

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Hello dear food bloggers. Earlier in my first post I had mentioned about my light box. I had also promised about a post coming super soon. This is it.

Photo box

It is a cardboard box cut from all 3 sides except base and stuck with tracing sheet. This helpsbetter light distribution. I made it for night photography with artificial lights, but now I use it for all my day time photography. Here in Cbe its mostly sunny and the harsh light reflects on my dish. Even the reflection is so clear in the picture.To avoid this helps.

This is the spot where I shoot the final picture mostly.

Photo box

This is a longer shot to show the sun light. I ll get close. See the below pictures. Left side is inside the cardboard box and right side is straight on the table. The reflection is visible in the right side picture right??? The left side picture looks better na??

Photo box

The above picture is raw. Now I have procecssed it usiing these steps and look now.

Photo box

Share your thoughts. :)

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