How to chose backgrounds for Food Photography without investing?

01:55 Tinku Shaji 2 Comments

I really get awe struck looking at some amazing backgrounds bloggers use for their photography. I mean some 2 to 3 backgrounds and 2 different dish bowls to click one recipe. Wow hats off for the dedicated hard work.

You see same background for all photography makes it boring na? But investing is a question. What I do is use things available in my home. The following are the different backgrounds I have used to project my food photography.

1. This is my computer table:

2. This is a combo of 2 kitchen towles.

3. This is my salwar

4. This is a cotton dress material

5. Picture taken on my diwan

6. This is my photo box (cardboard box)

7. A combo of kitchen towels

8. Its my window screen

9. Dhoti with kitchen towel


10 Combo of kitchen towels

11. My sons sweat shirt

12. The study table used as background

13. My black dhupatta as background

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