How I edit and take my photography at present?

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This is a photo I took at Hotel with normal lighting. I use the normal mode with scene set as auto. I use samsung galaxy ace and I have chosen picture size with 5 mp resolution.

Now lets see how I process it.

I use pixlr for editing my pics and I do two main editing.

Step 1: Lauch web app and go to Pixlr Express

Go to browse and upload your food picture

Upload complete, now open the adjustment tab:

Select vibrance and adjust it to match the natural appearance of the food. You do not want to make it look artificial or over processed.

Click apply and select sharpen option.

This is so sensitive, if you over do your picture will irritate the eyes of the viewer.

Once both are done save and compare.

Here is the before and after picture. Let me know your comments opinions.

The final picture after processing.

What editing tool do you use? share your tips and tricks

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  1. nice tutorial.....happy to follow you........

    1. Welcome on board Vijayalakshmi. Your welcome to join the workshop