Color Pick Up

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As the way I call it "Color Pick up". The ability of the camers to pick the natural color of the product in a natural way. (I know I sound terrible) Let me explain.

Below are the 2 pictures taken within a second difference between them.

This one is my mobile Samsung Galaxy ace (5 MP)

Look at the sharpness, color outcome and everything else...

This below picture is taken with a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W510 (12.1 MP).

You can actually see how better the color pick up is and the detailing on the blue canvas is so damn clear in the second picture right.

So?? Moral of the story..

the better the pixel and the camera the better the outcome is...Now there are more options in the camera I have to study with. (BTW its not my camera, just that I have borrowed it to study the features) 

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