Bread Omlette

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Bread Omlette

Bread Omlette

The milk bread with omlette is a good combo. I love to have bread omlette when travelling by train.

(For 5 sandwich)

Bread- 5 slices
Onion- 2
Green Chilly- 2
Salt- as per taste
Eggs- 5

Equipment: Sandwich Maker

Bread Omlette
Finely chop onions and green chilly.
In a bowl whisk eggs with onion, salt and green chilly.
Pre heat a sandwich maker.
Bread Omlette
Pour whisked egg in the sandwich cavity.
Close the sandwich maker and toast for 3 minutes.
Open the sandwich maker and place bread on them.
Close the sandwich maker and let it toast.
Now turn the slices upside down and toast it again.
Now one side will be bread and other side will be egg.
Serve hot or pack it for later.
Either ways its tasty.
Bread Omlette

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  1. wow the lovely bread omelettes :P why not to have variety of breakfast meals :)

  2. lovely! would make a perfect breakfast.